Leadership + Culture = Engagement

The idea of creating a vision, direction, and culture for your company is an age-old necessity for every business to be successful. It is more critical today than it has ever been because of the rise in overall turnover as the younger generations have entered into the work force.  We all realize that the younger generations handle their career decisions very different than the baby boomers did.  Their level of loyalty to a company is not the same as our older generations and some of their main reasons for leaving a job according to a November 2016 article written by Forbes were all related to what the Next Level Contractor "7 Non-Negotiable Laws of the Successful Contractor" refer to as Visionary Leadership.  

“71% of Millennials who strongly agree that they know what their organization stands for and what makes it different from its competitors say they plan to stay with their company for at least another year.” – Vanessa McGrady - Forbes

This idea of creating a crystal-clear vision for your company is exactly what the work force is demanding in 2017. If you don’t create a vision and a culture that is engaging and focused within your business, you will have a hard time acquiring and maintaining the top tier talent that everyone is looking for.  

The leadership teams of our most successful clients at Next Level Contractor are heavily focused on creating and demonstrating their vision on a daily basis and making sure that the culture within their organizations is one that can appeal to the type of high powered talent that they are looking to acquire.  

Download our “7 Laws PDF” to learn more about the NLC System and how it can help you grow as a leader and build a vision for your company.  Or take our FREE Next Level Assessment to see what areas need focus to take your company to where you want it to go.

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