Guided Leadership

To drive improvement and control

Next Level Contractor’s proven process helps identify where you are now and where you want to be.  We help you explore and identify your specific situation and analyze the information to construct clear action items.  We work with you every step of the way to accomplish your goals.

Next Level Contractor works with you to do a thorough evaluation of your current situation.  We gather evidence and form a conclusion as to how to tackle your specific situation.
During the planning phase, we outline a clear roadmap with specific outcomes to be completed by specific timelines.  
Turn strategies and plans into actions during the implementation phase.  Next Level Contractor will guide you to ensure that all of your critical actions and milestones meet your overall objectives.  
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Achieve Freedom

Next Level Contractor showed a paving and concrete business how making a few changes to their business operations could help them reduce workplace stress, while still achieving a 35% growth.
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Obtain Growth

Next Level Contractor helped a Wisconsin paving company achieve a 42% growth in sales by putting the right structure and systems in place for job costing, accounting, sales, marketing, and human resources.
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Make a Transition

Our business had stalled. Next Level helped us put the systems and structure in place to work efficiently and grow our business.
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Meet Your Team

Founder. Mentor. Former Contractor.

Jeff Stokes is the founder of Next Level Contractor LLC, a management consulting organization that focuses on construction contractors.  Jeff has spent a lifetime in the construction industry as owner of a specialty contracting company, developer and owner of commercial and multi family properties, and longtime business consultant.

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Jeff Stokes
Strategic Thinker. Facilitator. Leader.

Matt Slawson is a senior consultant at Next Level Contractor with more than 13 years of experience in leadership development, program development, and strategic planning.   He is an analytical thinker who can accurately assess opportunities, facilitate strategic decisions, build winning teams, and drive successful implementations.

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Matt Slawson
Problem Solver. Financial Consultant.

Tim Bateman is a senior financial consultant at Next Level Contractor with over 12 years' experience in the construction industry.  He is good at diagnosing difficult situations, dissecting the problems and implementing solutions.  He has a background in accounting as a CPA, but likes to branch out into more aspects of companies, while maintaining the analytical/financial piece that a CPA brings to the table.

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Tim Bateman